My God, Your God, Their God!

The world of today is deeply divided one along religious lines. Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc are all busily fighting and killing each other to protect their Gods against the attacks of other faiths. Add to this the fights between the various sects within each religion. All in the name of God. And those who die for the holy cause are all supposed to go to their religion’s concept of heaven. My God is Bigger and Better than your God, my Heaven is higher and more heavenly than yours, and your Hell is definitely much more hellish than my Hell.

But was this always so? No! Humans have existed for a mere 200,000 years or so while the Earth itself is over 4.5 billion years old. And the universe as we know it is over 15 billion years old. So what about God before Mankind appeared? God by definition is immortal, all powerful and omnipresent. So God must have been present throughout. Even at the time of the Big Bang.

So now I have a question. An impossible question. It relates to the origin of everything. Lets start with what we know. The Big Bang happened: It happened because there was super- compressed super-hot matter in an infinitesimally small space, which we call the Singularity.

But how did the matter get there in the first case? The only answer that anybody has is this: It was just there.

But how can something just be there? Well, the next best answer we have is that the concept of time and space as we know it started only once the Big Bang happened. Hence there was no space-time before this, and because there was nothing called “Time” before the Big Bang, there is no question of anything originating – because origin implies that there is a finite “time” for something to start. Hence without Time, the question of an Origin should not arise at all – and hence something can just “be” in such a scenario without being bound by the necessity of having to start at some point in time.

Problem solved!

Except that the problem is not solved. A clever play on words, definitely, but then that’s just what it remains. Because there are only two possibilities just prior to the Big Bang: the matter was “just there” and the Big Bang just happened, or the existing matter collapsed in an infinitesimally small instant into an infinitesimally small point. In the second case, there is necessarily an event preceding the Big Bang, and hence it would have required time, which implies that the Time preceded the Big Bang – and that makes it impossible to say that matter was “just there” without any reference to time. Hence the second case leads to a paradox and will have to be ruled out.

Let’s come to the first case of infinitely huge amount of matter just being present in an infinitesimally small point when the Big Bang happened. Obviously, the equilibrium was disturbed by something to have made it possible for the Big Bang to happen.This disturbance could only have preceded the Big Bang, and hence this too is a case of an event happening just before the Big Bang which brings the concept of Time into play again. If Time precedes the Big Bang, then obviously we cannot rule out the concept of an Origin of everything also.

So obviously, Time as we know it may not have existed before the Big Bang, but Time in a cosmic sense was definitely present before the Big Bang, otherwise the preceding causative event could not have taken place.

Hence if Time exists in any Cosmic sense, then we need to consider that matter or energy would have originated at some point of Time.

How did it originate then? Even if we consider a scenario of only pure energy being present in a vast nothingness at first, then the energy must have originated from something. If we call the unknown originator of everything as “God“, then we come to the real conundrum:

Without anything in existence at the point of origin- matter or energy – how and from where did God come into being? Whose God is it? If it is all the work of the one and only God, what do we make of our plethora of Gods of all religions?

So other than just simple faith in a “ One God who existed without any origin” and this premise that “matter or energy were created out of nothingness and just came into existence“, we have no other answer to the impossibility of it all.

So it all boils down to the one God for the universe.

Then finally comes the question which must be asked of all religious zealots and bigots preaching the supremacy of their religion and their God: If it all comes from the one God, what are all religions fighting for? How can you lay claim to the one God, who created all others and everything in the Universe at the same time?

Can you guess the answer?

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